“Now, I’ll lead. You follow,”

You thought the story had been left behind? I know. Sorry. It’s back, right through until the end. Let’s find out what happens to Nadine as she arrives on the dance floor… (If you need to catch up, the last chapter of this story was “The Pauper Princess” and the story started here if you…

A tick in all the boxes

Chapter three of our tale, in which we deal with the “meet cute”, except it wasn’t that cute….. An Undead Christmas Carol. J R Manawa. A tick in all the boxes. … After the birthday boy had been laid to rest in his perfect white coffin with the silver handles and dark blue satin interior,…

An Undead Christmas Carol

Hey London! I’m back! What a headlong collision into Christmas madness, and snow!!!! Apologies in advance, for two reasons. One, December is going to be a cascade of posts and liveliness. Videos, travel blogs and stories. And it’s been far too long since I annoyed the hell out of all of you with a regular…

The Festival. Night two. How not to die.

Now we return to the tale at hand, and one of my favourite things, exploring the complexity of a relationship between two characters and how their individual personalities cause them to interact… Oops! I forgot to link to the start of the story if you are just joining us! You’ll find it here! The Festival….

Of farewells and revelations

It always hurts to say goodbye. But the one thing I do know for Adisti, who gave me this theme for day eleven, is that the best thing about a farewell, is that it always opens a door to a new beginning. Of farewells and revelations. J R Manawa. Emmeline had found herself within a ruin….