The problem with the human race

Those moments in life when you have the delight of your own existence on this planet brushing by the existence of another that wakens all sorts of stories within you. The problem with the human race. J R Manawa. I met a man with a mind as fit as a fiddle on the bus today….

And I drank my fill

Hey world, it’s Tuesday. Already! Sometimes I feel like the world inside me is sleeping, that my imagination has fallen into an enchanted slumber of Briar Rose proportions, while the me in this real, physical world is lost and oppressed, when life gets hard in one area, there’s always a knock on effect where creativity…

A tick in all the boxes

Chapter three of our tale, in which we deal with the “meet cute”, except it wasn’t that cute….. An Undead Christmas Carol. J R Manawa. A tick in all the boxes. … After the birthday boy had been laid to rest in his perfect white coffin with the silver handles and dark blue satin interior,…

Brothers in life, brothers in death

Because every good vampire has a shadow-filled past, and an undead companion, whom they must both hate and love. Life after death is complex. An Undead Christmas Carol. J R Manawa. Brothers in life, brothers in death. … “Did you hear me when I suggested that you ought to go after her?” Levi asked again….

How do I get out of this rut? A gothic word.

Have you ever been in a rut? I feel like so many of us have been in this place lately. You know what I mean. It’s not specifically a financial rut, a relationship rut, a job satisfaction rut, a creative rut. Maybe it is a bit of all of these in someways, and yet, I’m referring…