Thoughts from the journey between homes

I shared this musing on my instagram over the last few days, and here it is collated 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Thoughts from the journey between homes | Parts 1 to 6

Seeing our sun chase the rim of the planet from the wing of an aircraft at the end of a long journey washes in a cloudy ocean of feelings and emotions.

Some are so light they dust the surface and flitter over my consciousness erratically, others swim so deep that they are always there, but only occasionally do they surface, when the events of my life cause them to need air.

It’s like watching the dawn of the world up here. The very first dawn. Except of course I wasn’t there. I can imagine it because of the flecks of creation that reside in my soul. That yearning for something else that tells me I wasn’t just born for this moment, I was also made for something more — from something more.

Little songs in my dna that sing of creation, of something more. Proof that somewhere in the beginning, before explosions and before time had been bound to this existence to define what could and could not happen in the heartbeat of a second — before all of that, I was shaped out of stardust.

I was designed to exist, the sum of all the actions and events throughout time that lead to me being here, in a plane, watching the dawn.

All in the same breath, it’s beautiful, painful, lonely, and flooded with love.

But I hardly finish the breath and already the plane has begun to descend.

(On the plane between Rotorua, New Zealand and London, England)

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