And I drank my fill

Hey world, it’s Tuesday. Already! Sometimes I feel like the world inside me is sleeping, that my imagination has fallen into an enchanted slumber of Briar Rose proportions, while the me in this real, physical world is lost and oppressed, when life gets hard in one area, there’s always a knock on effect where creativity usually suffers first.

I believe creativity comes from a wild, untamed place within our souls, and that when we combine it with the discipline of focus and routine successfully (where that focus and routine is aimed at bringing the creativity forward), then we have our best chances of success in the creative field we are gifted with (and I believe everyone has that creative gift, the journey is about finding it).

In short, creativity needs positive discipline to succeed.

In the long-form, between-the-lines truth of reality, when life gets tough our imagination is the first to fall, and the first to flourish. First to fall in that we lose the ability to channel and discipline it to our advantage because we are otherwise emotionally engaged — like a lion that whilst he can be trained, cannot be tamed. As soon as your attention is elsewhere, the lion is elsewhere to.

First to flourish in that so much creativity is birthed in pain. It’s when we are the most raw and hurt and alone that streams of creativity flow out of the wounds. Turn your back on the lion you thought you had tamed, and he’ll pounce on you while you are unaware.

So the image and story above represent both these sides of creativity. Darkness in place, light in the creation of words on paper in their form, shape and flow.

And who doesn’t like a good little vampiric allegory? Make of it what you may—your creativity is evident in the interpretation.

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