Be unashamedly you


So it’s International Women’s Day, and I thought I would share. When I was little, one of my biggest barriers to confidence and therefore success (in anything) was the fact that I felt inadequate, not beautiful enough, not skinny enough, not clever enough, NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

If I could have a dream for women (and men) the whole world over, it’s that we stop putting each other down, and stop comparing each other. My first experience of bullying in school was being told I was fat and ugly by a girl who was larger than me. I’ve come through the other side and believe I’m damn well beautiful now (we each are entitled to our own view on beauty – that’s what makes it work) and from that experience as a six year old, I realised without a doubt that all girls felt fat and unattractive deep down, no matter how tiny/big or unusual/comely they were.

Perhaps I have that episode of bullying to thank for the revelation… Whatever the truth may be, I’ve come on a long (and super fun, exciting and freeing) journey to being me (it’s ongoing).

The photo behind my little collection of words below for International Women’s Day, is a photo I took of a skull in Portugal a few years ago. I’m using it, not because we are all the same on the inside (because we know that) but because taking photos of skulls makes me happy and is an expression of the way I see beauty in the world.





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