My prayer is this…

A jumble of thoughts I’ve had whilst travelling over the last few months, centring around my love affair with the idea of intelligent design, that we are made for a purpose, and what I pray is my daily need to live that – like there is no tomorrow and, what if, today is all I have?

[in which case we shan’t point out that I’m resting today while Bangkok is passing me by thanks to some sexy AF food poisoning. And to think, I’ve been in Asia for over a month already with no problems ☹️ Thanks Thailand 🇹🇭, hopefully you’ll be kinder down south)

My prayer is this My prayer is this

That I live fearless

That I embrace change

That I love people

That I serve where I am needed

That I always live on the edge

I’m not saying live reckless

I’m saying LIVE

Live like life sits on the edge of death

Because it does

What is a life worth living if it is spent afraid?

Inhale the storm

Breathe in the rain

Open your eyes to the clouds

Swim in the storm

Climb the mountain

Explore the island

Dive off the cliff

Ride the motorbike

Let no one hold you back

Let no one tell you to live safe

Live quiet

Live in the shadows

No. Live big.

Live in wonder of the life you have

Drink it in

Consume life

Love people

God’s handiwork is so evident

That when you seek out the world

The places

The people

The experiences

The wonder of this masterwork in creation

Inevitably, unavoidably, you see the creator


And here’s a short clip of me lighting things on fire….on a beach in Cambodia 🇰🇭

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