A new story is on its way! And I’m looking for your help!

Hey everyone! Beautiful people all of you! I’m currently on the hunt for the next 31 ‘topics’ for my next novel to accompany Emmeline! If you didn’t meet Emmeline, here story is still here for you to take a peek at – if you haven’t read it message me and I may just pass you back an eBook copy 🙂

Topics can be as creative, dull, inspired, unique or ‘wtf?’ as you like. Previously I was given ones like “Life going backwards”, “Fan”, “An Icy Place”, “Chocolate” and “Learning English”, just as examples. Now…Go! Comment, email, message me, get in touch on Instagram or Twitter, let me know your topics!

If I get more than 31, the merrier! The 31 will be drawn from a hat and the remainder will have their own special purpose, all to be revealed in time!

Oh, and check out the trailer from the first book here ^_~ ;

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