Why I’ve been quiet? New Zealand has been busy…!

So it’s been a while (yeah, that’s my favourite opening phrase isn’t it?).

New Zealand has been so beautiful. It’s been so so so many years since I’ve been home and had a proper, deep breath, long pause moment to appreciate the insane beauty of this God-created country.

I’m almost as passionate about travelling the world and absorbing life as I am about telling stories and creating “things” in general. I think there is a crazy balance in life for inhaling creation and exhaling as a creator, seeing things that have been made, and making things yourself.

All stories come from somewhere. Everything we learn in life we learn from others just as much as we learn from our own mistakes. I learn more each day about how imperfect I am as a human being in this skin of mine. Not only my flesh, but my habits are imperfect, my emotions are imperfect, my story is imperfect, but a perfect story would never be a thing, because nothing is perfect, right? No day is perfect, no person…no love? It’s a thought worth pausing on, for me anyway.

And so I came home, and I paused, inhaled, and found stories. I got to live the adventure of the beautiful land I call home for the first time in over 10 years. And I had the privilege of seeing it through the eyes of the friends I bought with me too. And while life doesn’t stop even though you yourself may have for a moment, and crappy things still happen, it’s worth taking the time to stop, shut it all out, and be still.

I’m so grateful I have.

And I’m excited that I’ll get to share it with you through video. Because we filmed some of that journey. Country, friends, family, journey, experience. It’s not a perfect story, or a perfect film, but it was never meant to be.

Here’s a sneak peak from me…..⬇️

I’ll do my best to keep more up to date, but the travel combined with so many family surprises has taken it out of me a bit!

Tomorrow we’ll share the first episode of our travels, I’ll make sure to post it here, but you can check out the trailer below, and link to subscribe on our YouTube (or Facebook!). Thank you so much!

I appreciate you taking the moment to read this loads (and loads and loads) ☺️☺️☺️

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