Marrakech. The wandering begins.

Today, Marrakech is my home 🇲🇦. I’ve cut loose for a bit to chase the wanderer in my heart, and while I have roots that I’ve put down, there’s always a nomad deep in my heart, who loves the world and the experiences of all there is to do, be and see within it. This planet perfect, and humanity broken yet amazing.

And I think, there is nowhere I’d rather start wandering than from Marrakech, my home away from home…

Marrakech. 2017.

Marrakech is a city of two faces

Of the day and the night

Of sun burn and star light

Of the hustle to make a living

And the bustle of life happening

A school for the day

And a playground at night

Of summer skies and lantern glow

Of winding quiet alleys where no one would find you

And the Place, the busiest square on earth

Of garden strolls and tranquil courtyards

Loud city gates and quiet shadowy doorways

Cool majorelle blue in nooks hiding from the midday heat,

Accent the fiery ochre walls of the red city when the sun goes down.

Two faces, two lovers

My favourite I couldn’t choose.

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