I wrote you – A tale of lost love and catharsis

Another oldish one. I’m sharing the emotional poems at the moment, but then I guess that’s one of the best things about poetry; making words do pretty and clever things to help us deal with the experience of being human. I hope you enjoy this one. A tale of my favourite way to deal with heartbreak…

I wrote you. J R Manawa.

I wrote you a letter the other day.

A not-so-typical girl-letter.

It was romantic, funny, sad,

And then tragic.

I scribbled out my tears into ink,

And onto the page.

I told the story I wanted to share.

Making sure every line detailed the cut you left on my heart,

In perfect form.

Infinite beauty and striking pain.

Brutality, realism, life itself.

I know how to paint a story with words,

To show it was real to all who read.

And I know how to edit.

It was clear and concise,

It delivered with the eb and flow of truth.

Hooked you in, line and sinker.

I polished the tale some more.

Cut needless words, smoothed out each sentence.

When it was ready,

I deleted it.

And I wrote you out of existence.

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