“I bet you were the worst of them….”

“I bet you were the worst of them….” I’m passionate about how gothic subculture is perceived in society. Similar to racism, sexism and homophobia, we have a learned habit of judging those who don’t look like us or don’t present themselves the same way as us. Just because the subcultures of our youth see beauty through a different lens to our own, specifically in the way they dress or the music they listen to, doesn’t automatically mean they are antisocial, depressed and have repressed issues they can’t deal with. And there is nothing wrong with wearing black. Just like there is nothing wrong with wearing a mini skirt, or a hijab. I am by no means perfect in this, but I aim always to love who I am, love the way I dress, and love the beauty I see in the world and in the people around me, and you should too. #gothgirlproblems

I explore the edge of my thoughts on this topic in “The delineation of who I am”, the second chapter in my novel, Emmeline. And, though I’m super crappy at getting my marketing head together, I’m requesting a promotion on my book with the publisher, for 30% off over the next few weeks to celebrate six months of it being released! So if you haven’t got a copy and you are curious, I’d love you to have it ^_^

Check out Emmeline at 30% off on the pocket book version here! (The eBook is also on special for only £2.99)

With love from this side of darkness, J R Manawa xxx

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