“Beneath the Necropolis Railway” Gothic Audio Book


An amazing and talented artist friend of mine surprised me last week by sharing an audio she had recorded and mastered of one of the chapters in my novella, Emmeline, entitled “Beneath the Necropolis Railway”.

For those of you who don’t really do the reading thing, you might like to take a listen, I’m still really blown away by it and I think in shock of how awesome Emmeline’s story sounds in audio!

As a forewarning, it’s possibly a little dark and deals with some ‘meatier’ content than normal. But it is one hell of a cool listen, I love the Eater’s voice, I love Emmeline’s disdain, and I want to slap Charon around the ears for being arrogant, so it’s pretty en pointe! (insert laughing crying emoji here).

I guess the next steps are moving from audio to visual – anyone interested in optioning the film? (jokes, but for real!)

With love from this side of darkness, J R Manawa xxx


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