London artist Daecolm isn’t scared of the “Jungle”

I get to reblog this because Daecolm is someone I consider a friend, and one of Kowhai’s many snake/babysitters (It’s a long story, I worked on one of his music videos, and Kowhai worked with him too, they made friends ^_^ ) Anyway, I wish him all the best and hence I am sharing with you his new single “Jungle” (Oh, and that lion artwork on his hand, that’s a collaboration between myself and my favourite make up artist Phebe Wu!!!!)

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in South London, educated in New Zealand where he landed his first number one single, Daecolm (“DAYK-‘M”) is now set to burn up the music scene in right here in the UK, starting with the premiere of his new track “Jungle” released today via Wonderland audio premiere.

Daecolm is a name you’ll want to be remembering – even if you must pause over the phonetics for a moment. The producer-artist has already worked with Chris Brown, Desiinger and Labrinth.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 19.49.22.png Are you scared of the jungle? Daecolm certainly isn’t.

But it’s a fresh collaboration with London producer Detonate has brought use his latest single “Jungle”. As an artist Daecolm is set to deliver his own smooth mix of R&B, soul and pop sounds to our music scene. Wonderland learned from the artist himself that “‘Jungle’ is a metaphorical representation of what life is like for someone working to make…

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