Reading Festival announce Eminem and Korn! Finally an epic line-up for 2017 has landed

Whilst I am still trying to figure out the wasteland of my beloved Download Festival’s lineup for 2017, I’ve finally jumped ship for at least one day when I learned that KoRn were going to be at Reading and Leads Festival. Throw Eminem into the mix and I can now tick off seeing another one of my wayward childhood heroes live (it was only for a short moment when I was fourteen I promise, my heart and soul returned to the good old land of mental and rock’n’roll rather speedily)

Reading announced Eminem will be headlining Saturday at Reading and Leeds Festival on Friday. And let’s be honest, with nu-metal rockers Korn, Muse, Major Laser, and Kasabian already in the mix, the twin festivals were already looking like a hot mix.


We’re excited, and we’re going. End of. We waited the 2o minutes on Friday lunch time that it took for our phone screens to final refresh enough times to secure tickets.


Reading and Leeds have well and truly set the standard for this year. We’re pretty sure no UK festival to date has secured such impressive headliners, and on the day that single day tickets go one sale too. It’s not hard to do the math and figure out we’re on a winner. It’s upwards of £150 to see Eminem alone, combined with the £120 our editor paid to see Korn and Limp Bizkuit at Wembley in December. Without…

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