A gritty review of ‘Emmeline’

Tylean reviews ‘Emmeline’ by J R Manawa.

My reading list never shrinks. Not because I don’t read – au contraire! For every book I read, I end up adding at least two more – either because I enjoyed the author so much, or because it referenced other work, and I can’t resist diving down a rabbit hole of information. So despite being an avid reader, I’m never really on the lookout for new books to read. I have enough reading lined up on my shelves to fortify me for a nuclear holocaust.

But when I saw that J R Manawa – who I worked with on the Corner of My Eye music video – had her first novel published… I simply had to read it immediately. Though to be perfectly honest…. to me, the subject was irrelevant. Manawa is a thoroughly fascinating individual. A wonderfully diverse and compassionate person who is always full of surprises… and if a person who can surprise me writes I book…. that is a doorway to crawl into that person’s head and perspective on life. How could that opportunity be passed up?

Emmeline is the story of a 21-year-old woman on a journey to discover what happened to her parents 11 years earlier and discovering that her birth was nothing more than a form of soul-harvesting… continue reading ‘Emmeline’ on Tylean.com