The red rain. A vampire drabble.

It’s Friday!!! Yes! Okay, and a little gift for you, just a little one, 100 words of drabble to tease your senses. Literally, a bite sized tale. I hope you enjoy it.

The red rain. J R Manawa.

In the crowd, Rihan stood. She raised her hands in darkness to the ceiling and closed her eyes as the blood began to fall like rain. It fell in perfect drops onto her finger tips, running like rivers down the palms of her hands. The frenzy began, as the cascade fell and the crowd went wild. She could feel the fire in the blood as she licked it off her fingers, electrifying the world around her. Everything became light and sound and hunger. Shadows melted away and darkness turned like the sun rising in the east. Rihan was alive.

With love from this side of darkness, J R Manawa x

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