Warnings for the year ahead. A gothic thought.

Starting the year off as I mean to continue….by inflicting upon you, or sharing with you (depending on your opinions) the beauty of the world as I see it.


I took this photo quite a few years ago in the #catacombs beneath Paris. On this particular visit, my sister Sarah and I were mostly alone in the caverns. It’s unusual for the catacombs to be so quiet, but for some reason that were. Like a deserted playground under the earth left for us alone to explore.

1.3 miles of tunnels are open to walk through, between avenues of human bones carefully stacked by kind. I would argue with anyone that it is one of the most enchanting places I have ever visited. The kind of place that makes my weird little heart 🖤 ridiculously happy, and not without a pause to consider the gates.

“Stop. You are entering the empire of the dead.”

Noteably, it’s not a “Stop, go away!” It’s a “Stop. Stop and remember, that what you are, we once were, and what we are, you will one day become.”

Life is short, beautiful people. Do the most with it while you have it. Make a difference. Change the world. Be the change you want to see. #mementomori

Bring on 2017.

Some of my books arrived the other day! It’s pretty intense seeing them in print ^_^

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