That time I got interviewed???

Okay, so I’m not that interesting, I’m sure, not by a long shot. I got interviewed once by Starbucks for camera and they paid me in coffee vouchers. But I did get interviewed by my friend’s company back in October, and yes, there was a reason for it. Something along the lines of me not being able to shut up when I’m passionate about something….more on that later…

Frame Your World is a company that makes really pretty inspirational things with words, journals and wall art and stuff. It’s super girlie, super chic, and not a skull in sight, but I’m who heartedly on board with the ethos of founder Leanne Mac Duff, “To inspire the world with words that make a difference.” She asked me for an interview as someone who believes in that philosophy. And I do hope that somewhere, some day, a way down the road, my words and my stories will make a difference.


Maybe next season I’ll convince her to bring out an inspirational line with skulls and pretty dark colours?!!! ^_^

So I wanted to share the link to that interview here! Let me know what you think…sorry if I ramble a bit! Here’s an excerpt…

“Name your passion/business? I’m a writer, a blogger, and above all a storyteller. My passion is for the alternative sub cultures of our society who feel cast out, marginalised and abused for the way they see beauty and the way they choose to present themselves. In particular my heart is for the goth kids of our generation and the ones who will come after us; kids who are branded in such a way by society that they grow up pre-dispositioned being outcast, marginalised, misunderstood and feeling generally worthless. Kids who are told that there is no beauty in who they are, that they are just going through a troubled and dark phase. I believe we shouldn’t judge someone just because they see beauty through different eyes…[Read More]


More stories coming soon, watch this space!

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