Carrie Fisher : 1956 – 2016 The iron-bikini-clad princess of our hearts

Carrie Fisher was definitely one of my heroes. Not ashamed to say that as a fresh thirteen year old I much cherish my first taste of Star Wars being the experience of watching Princess Leia murder Jabba the Hutt whilst wearing an iron bikini….#girlpower

Best adored for her iconic, style-defining role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars, and set to feature in all three of the new Star Wars movies, Carrie Fisher has passed away today at only 60, after suffering cardiac arrest on a flight from London to LA, minutes before the plane was due to land on the 23rd of December.

Having made it through Christmas with her family close by, her daughter reported her passing through their publicist at 8:55am this morning. She leaves a family riveted with sadness, and several generations of fans heart-broken, not in the least because they were hooked into her reprisal of Princess Leia in the latest trilogy of the Star Wars films.


In 2015 an older, more venerable Leia returned to our screens in The Force Awakens, still bringing the fight, commanding the attention, and carrying a torch for Han Solo, despite the loss…

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