Just an ordinary London girl – video catchup about Emmeline

Did I mention that the last 12 hours have been nuts? I’m genuinely like a kid in the dark little Disneyland of my mind. I know this is only a small beginning, and the road ahead is likely long and dark before the morning, but this is a milestone, a marker in the ground that I’m so relieved and happy to have reached. I decided not to update the last blog, instead here is the video I shared last night about the release of Emmeline. I don’t quite know how, but it already has over 1.8k views on Facebook…??

I’m not checking book sales yet because it’s not about sales, it’s about getting the message out, and for me, it’s personally about setting a catalyst for change, but I know that I’ve already sold several of the limited edition copies which is great. It’s always a little scary putting a high price on your own work for fear of failure, but let’s see, 24 copies to go!

I had a quick pause over my writing wall this morning (it’s a big black pin board where I keep thoughts and quotes that push me, drive me, inspire me, and tell me I’m okay) and I there was a note I made about two years ago;

“Tonight the moon is waxing, not waning. The sun is rising, not setting. I am being born, not dying. My existence is at its beginning.” Sometimes, I’d like to stick a pin board moment in my life when I feel like a time is significant, and a feeling or moment is something I should specifically remember, so I can capture that feeling forever.

But, hey, the road is moving on. Let’s see where to next?

Oh, and if you haven’t already, you need to do what the video says and pop over to www.emmelinestory.co.uk and watch the full trailer for the book!

Get the book.png


Big thanks to Liliana for filling Emmeline’s boots and rocking the candy floss pink hair and punk look, Mike for lending me his eyes for Charon’s storm, Helen for producing the video, Brian for filming, and Lidka for connecting all the dots to make it happen, Mandi for all the design and photoshop work for the marketing material, and Sigourney for the web site creation and design; I’m whole-heartedly blown away by your dedication and hours of input, Steve for your print genius, and Aurore for your photoshop loan! Sarah for your read-throughs and fandom, Tristan for your tireless and thorough editing support. Libby, Millie, Lis, Natasha, Ade, Jayne, Fee, Bev, Jue, Leanne for holding me to the wire and helping me keep my head straight. To the 32 people who gave me the chapter topics to write about in the first place, to everyone else who knows they’ve been in on it, and my head is too full of nonsense to have succinctly listed you all (forgive me!)….and lastly to everyone who knows they have a role coming up in this saga!

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