The Atheist Christmas Album : FREE DOWNLOAD!

Tylean is one of my favourite alternative artists. My pet python, Kowhai, once starred in a music video of her’s, despite her deep-set fear of snakes. She’s a powerhouse of spookiness and grit, challenging the status-quo in every way she can, and I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing her latest album, The Atheist Christmas album……!

The Atheist Christmas Album? Yes, it’s Christmas, without the religion. And whether you don’t believe in a God, or you do, this collection of Christmas tunes is worth making a noise about. No, it’s not a Weird Al mockery type charade, this is a Christmas album, created by talented avant-garde artist, Tylean, who just wanted Christmas without the Christ for her family. In her own words, “Being an atheist, there have been some changes to how my own family celebrates the festive season compared to when I was growing up. No church, no nativities. It’s a strictly secular holiday, and I regretted losing none of the religious nonsense! ….except the music.”

TyLean4.jpg Avant garde multi-media artist Tylean has a penchant for disturbing sights and sounds

And Tylean certainly isn’t the kind of girl to sing Santa Baby a-la Eartha Kitt, Madannoa, Taylor Swift….or whoever it is this time around. No. Tylean…

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