Boo! A quick update…

Hey beautiful you,

Everything is a little busy right now, the journey is always pressing and moving forward. But it’s good-busy, great-busy, exciting-busy, colliding with the fact that London has to be one of the most beautiful and fun places on the planet at this time of year.

I’ve got some exciting news coming, and in advance of that I’ve re-vamped my “About Me/About this website” page, which is something I think was well overdue.


So please pop by and take a quick look, I’ve also highlighted a selection of my favourite stories from the history pages of this website which you may have seen or not seen before.

Now, I’m going to go back to watching my funny little P Metallica bending over backwards trying to weave a new web (Yes, that is just as strange and stupid as it sounds).

With love, from this side of darkness, JR Manawa xxx


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