Hello London! Winter Wonderland has landed!

Not quite so dark any mysterious, but one of my favourite people took me to the VIP opening night of Winter Wonderland and Thursday evening, and seeing as it is a much loved London institution, I reviewed it for Chuckie Vision (Magazine I edit for) and I thought I would share it here too, definitely head down if you are in London over Christmas! My personal recommendation is to get your ass on the Munich Looping Roller Coaster and then head over to the Bavarian village for a hug mug of Vikinger But (yes thats Viking Blood, or Mead as the educated call it)….

And just in time to celebrate it’s tenth festive outing in Hyde Park, and bigger and better than ever before!

Londoners just can’t get enough enough of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Perhaps because the Wonderland gives a magical taste of what we dreamed a white Christmas should look like in all its perfect form, with sparkling festive lights, warm log fires, daintily iced gingerbread and happiness all round. Throw in some epic fun fair rides and we’re all happy as Larry. The Europeans sure got it right, and let’s hope this isn’t a tradition we’ll lose thanks to Brexit.

Open to the public for the first time last night, this weekend is set to be a big one, with the park seeing more visitors in its brief instalment between Nov 18 – Jan 3 than many major London attractions see the entire year. On most weekend nights, Winter Wonderland will churn through 500 thousand happy revellers…

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