This is my novel – currently a finalist in the Scott Free Launchpad Manuscript competition!

Hello beautiful people! I wanted to update you in brief about the Ridley Scott / Hollywood-ish / Launchpad manuscript competition in the U.S. that I am currently a finalist for. While the next round is announced on Wednesday morning, they have in the meantime decided to give all the finalists a chance at securing their own publishing deals (holy crap…!)

As a part of this they will be wanting to gauge public interest in my book, which has brought on a cataclysm of thoughts in my mind as I’d been feeding into my blog and writing in other areas publicly whilst keeping my novel work completely secret, working on it in the dark until I felt it was perfect. 

Now it seems I have to shock my monster to life, like Dr Frankenstein, hopefully wowing, and not terrifying, you all…..

Please keep an eye on my social media over the next 72 hours and bear with me as it will all come out into the open rather suddenly and I need all the love and support I can get, and then some. Even if you don’t have the ability to get involved (which is O.K.! ☺️) please throw in a comment on my posts to keep them active in social media!


So, next steps!! I’ve been overwhelmed already by the messages of support and the people who have gotten in touch with me over the last 24 hours….you are all amazing and I’m so privileged to have you in my life (and you know I mean this for every single one of you!)

I’d like to introduce you to Loretta of the Lamp.

And tell you about a couple of things you could do for me….please?


To do list (if you get a spare moment!);

1) Talk to people in your world about it!

2) Read a bit of what I submitted to Ridley Scott (well, the comp he’s involved with’) and tell me what you think! You can even highlight a quote and like it on their website; please please do this!! 😌

3) Most importantly, if you can spare $10 US dollars (About £8.08 according to my social guru Leanne, and about $14 NZD according to my people guru Nicola, who have both already been spreading the word), please make a pre order 😱 (this is where the biggest action happens; if by some crazy chance they get 750 pre orders, I actually secure a publishing deal anyway, despite the competition…)

4) Share the link if you believe the story has what it takes and you want to support me

I’ll leave it in your capable hands, and I’m trying to find an emoji that expresses my excitement but I can’t…..


Love you all. And most importantly, keep the prayers and faith (for those of you who don’t pray) up for me!

#onamission #changetheworld #bestisyettocome!!!!!


With love from this side of darkness, Jo xxx

p.s. If you like the beginning of Loretta’s story (which you can read on the Scott Free/Launchpad/Inkshares site that I’ve included here) then shout about it, let me know, I may post some more fun stuff about this kind of work if the interest is out there….!

Design and image credits to the uber talented Mandi Moo, copyright 2016. 



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