To The Ocean

This piece by Abi Rebecca Rose is something I am loving right now! Take a moment to appreciate her twisted lyrical poetry. You should watch her space, this girl has big things coming…

Abi Writes Stuff

I went to the ocean.

Sounds were too loud crashing in my head.

Silence grew louder than anything should.

I promise devotion,

To the things I never did.

Taste the salt water choking me twice.

I can finally taste life.

Knowing I’ve gone deep,

Under the surface to a different world.

I cannot come back I can never return.

Hidden among creatures that go beneath.

They cannot be seen by men who sleep.

I went to the ocean to take my piece.

To take back the treasure I once held near.

Slitting my throat at the end of the pier.

I can hear them grinding their teeth.

Blessing me as they scream within.

Adoring me as they dance unceasing.

Swallowing down an imposed potion,

I  forgot my life and went to the ocean…

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