Hotel Black Cat : Gasp-worthy wonder and ballsy cabaret!

Okay, so you know I love a cabaret show as much as the next girl, and with a healthy dose of storytelling expertise thrown in, the Hotel Black Cat could not possibly have disappointed me! At the London Wonderground this summer if you have a free Friday evening – GO! And of course, do read my cheeky little review!

Weaving the tale of a decadent Bohemian retreat and her  inhabitants, Hotel Black Cat is a cabaret delight brought to the Wonderground on Southbank this season by London’s finest purveyors of Cabaret Noir, The Black Cat Cabaret Company. 

Black Cat bring a show that wows the crowd with expert storytelling, ballsy cabaret and athletic feats that stretch the human body, without having a need to rely heavily on burlesque and tease to keep the audience captivated. Upon arrival we are thrown straight into the dimly lit scene, mingling with cheeky prima ballerinas, lusty handymen, and elegant guests as they wander the ‘halls’ of the Wonderground Spiegeltent around us, only to learn once we are all seated that the Hotel Black Cat, a haven and reliquary to the arts, is searching for a wealthy benefactor to relieve it of a — ahem — ‘small’ funding gap, perhaps brought on by the very nature of…

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