A Goth after midnight. Thoughts?

“But you’re the kind of girl who is up all night partying anyway, aren’t you?”

Common assumption. And well, occasionally yes, I do like to go out, and I do like to enjoy the night in that way. It doesn’t mean I’m your worst sinner, and it certainly doesn’t mean I’m a saint. I’m human in these bones, through and through, but maybe I’m not the kind of girl you think I am.

There is a dangerous beauty to stereotypes and social media, especially when you are creature of certain society labels or image. But the truth is that Facebook and instagram post one angle of a life story. For most of us it’s a fairly true story, for some of us, it’s really not. Whatever kind of social media tale it is that we weave, it’s only one part of the tale, one aspect, one point of view. It has the limitations of reading a book in first person narrative, we get a beautiful and intimate view into the character’s world, but we certainly don’t see all the angles, not by a long shot.

Enter the goth. A soul who sees beauty in the shadow places, finds delight in the more curious corners of existence, and knows the value of life and death and the thin line between. Remember death, remember life is short, remember this bittersweet moment in time that has been given to you, and consider well what you will choose to do with it.

So no, friend, I’m not always out partying until dawn. I’m not always found sitting in solace beside relics to those who have gone before me in the dark of a graveyard. I’m not always watching at my window the light-play of the moon, swallowing and birthing silver shadows across the nightland of the earth. And I’m not always up by candlelight weaving a new tale for the storyteller in my heart – though this is more often than not! – sometimes, just sometimes, I am asleep. Because, to sleep is to dream, and dreaming awakens a whole new realm of possibility.

Dream-catching and vision-casting, goal-setting, world-changing. We need our sleep to catch our dreams, and through our dreams, we cast vision, and through our vision, we set new goals, and through the window of these goals, if we are lucky and we do not stand alone, we have the unique opportunity to change the world.

And when I sleep, I dream.

To die, to sleep –

To sleep, perchance to dream – ay

there’s the rub,

For in this sleep of death what dreams may come…

Shakespeare, Hamlet.

Taken in the catacombs beneath Rue de la Tombe-Issoire, Paris


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