Larkin Poe : The sisters are ready to rock Glasto!

One of my newest favourite things, discovering Larkin Poe, and getting to review their music. These chicks are so brilliant and badass, and their sound is totally addictive, you should definitely check it out!

Have you heard Larkin Poe yet? Perhaps you caught them at Glastonbury in 2014, or know that they often tour with Elvis Costello, and you are already on this rock’n’roll train?

You will catch them at Glasto this weekend too, because they weren’t named by The Observer as the best discovery at Glastonbury the last time for nothing. The roots rock band, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and fronted by Rebecca and Megan Lovell are in their purest form, addictive. Yes, addictive. And we don’t say that because there’s something definitively sexy about a band fronted by two sisters, we don’t even say it for the pure truth that when rock is laced with blues, country and folk roots it produces a toe-tapping, head-bobbing inheritance in the blood of us all. No.


We say it because Larkin Poe have a sound that reaches out and grabs hold. Heavy guitar riffing…

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