Black Sabbath, Deftones & Sixx A.M. : “Another f**king wet one” on Download Saturday

Morning beautiful souls! Here’s my write up of day two from Download. All about Sixx A.M., Deftones, Black Sabbath, Escape the Fate and inflatable church weddings 😀 Thanks for reading!!! xxx

A good festival is always about the music. Sure, we have the vast range of sideline events that compliment our experience, but the soul-food of a festival is the music, albeit perhaps marinated in a bit of beer before consumption, and Saturday at Download Festival was true to form.

IMG_2138 Like-minded punters at the Lemmy stage on Saturday

We kicked it off with a fleeting exploration past the cinema tent (yes there were good movies, but I can’t justify 2 hours or so of my limited Download time on a movie, sorry!), and a visit to the Wall of Death (Epic. Girls riding Indian Motorcycles on vertical walls with their legs over the handlebars kick ass!), before gatecrashing a rather cute girl-girl wedding at the inflatable church. We even jumped in their wedding photo, and can I say the epic charity-shop wedding dresses made me jealous enough that I want my…

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