Rammstein, Korn and BabyMetal: Pyromania and Port-a-loos on Download Friday.

Hey beautiful people, if you know me well you probably know how much I love a good rock festival, and how much I appreciate my parents for raising me on festival culture. You’ll also know how much I am madly in love with Rammstein, and Korn, so you’ll appreciate it when I say that this review of Download Friday is probably one of my favourite pieces so far this year, and definitely my favourite day of the year so far…! Enjoy the read 🙂

Disclaimer: When you are extremely passionate about something, it’s very hard to review it from a non-biased, impersonal point of view, so I hope you’ll forgive me when I re-tell and review Download Festival (@downloadfest) straight from the pit of my rock’n’roll heart #throwupyourrockfist #throwupyourhorns, as you like it.

Download has become my own personal rock/metal pilgrimage, as it is for the majority of the 85,000 strong crowd that show up every year come rain or shine (mostly rain, thank you East Midlands).

On Friday we arrived at the arena bright and early, not long after it opened but long enough to avoid the first queues and early enough to have plenty of time to wander, explore and shop before we made for our first band of choice. The most seasoned festival goers always have a routine of some sort, just as much as we send scouts…

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