Lee Paton AW16: The beauty in the devil of the details

A bit of a late one to re-blog, but I met Lee Paton a couple of weeks ago, and he was so genuinely fascinating to speak to that I feel like I should share the experience. Hope you like it ^_^

A man of focus, dedication and class, that’s the best way I can describe Lee Paton, the creative force behind the label of the luxury London fashion house. When he talks about his work, he opens the door to another world, stretches it wide and welcomes you in. In my short time with him I was given a glimpse into a decadent era of Saville Row embroidery, nonchalant silver screen stars and delicate yet powerful prima ballerinas. He was captivating to speak with. It’s rare to meet someone who knows exactly what they want to say and exactly how to communicate it in order to paint the picture of their world so vividly into your imagination.

 When I arrived at the penthouse suite of London’s iconic Dorchester Hotel for the label’s AW16 press day, I didn’t expect in these extravagant surroundings to run straight into Lee Paton himself, diligently sat before a…

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