Seasonless style: Cruz Bueno 2016 Collections Runway Show

I had so much fun at the Cruz Bueno Runway show last week. You may like to know what I thought of it…. ^_^

The Cruz Bueno 2016 Seasonless Collections Runway Show was a decadent evening of irreverence in fashion where we were invited to preview three of the label’s latest collections; Women’s and Men’s Prêt-à-Porter, and womenswear Demi-couture. The evening was an edgy viewing experience held on Marylebone’s Cavendish Square, and if the queue of eager fashion-elite waiting for the doors was anything to go by, it was a keenly anticipated event!

IMG_35 Cruz Bueno Red Label, Photo credit to Genevieve Stephens.

Cruz Bueno is still a young label on the scene, firmly rooted in the concept of bringing new fashion to “dress modern gods”, and we love that the label has branded their current 2016 collections as “Seasonless”, suggesting design and style that transcends the limitations of a mere slot in time. And we could easily add “timeless” as an adjective—the style is here and now, yet inspiration echoes back into antiquity…

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