Barrus X Rolls Royce – London Fashion Week

Be your date for the Barrus X Rolls Royce London Fashion Week afterparty in Mayfair? Baby, you had me at Rolls Royce, screw the rest! (where’s that laughing/crying emoji when you need it?) I mean, we can cut the rest of the Zoolander crap, and I’ll turn up to a party for a sexy beast of a car and a glass of bubbles, sure. The funny thing was, I had so much fun I forgot to ask if I could take one of the cars for a spin! And to be honest, I’m so thankful I didn’t know who any of these people were while I was hanging with them, else I would have seriously been the awkward goth in the corner hugging my champagne flute for comfort and knowing for certain I had nothing in common here. Word to my date Mo, the delightful Lady Charlotte and her date, and the two Faulkner brother’s for making my evening hilarious fun. I should tag on a line that whilst everyone seemed to forget about the reason they were there all too fast, Turkish designer Barrus Nişantaşı has produced some seriously stunning work for AW16. Worth googling.

Check out my official published review here on Markmeets (clicks help ^_~) or read on!

London Fashion week – Kimberly Garner and Ashely James at Barrus X Rolls Royce

If Kimberly Garner and Ashley James turn up to your London Fashion week after party, you know it was bound to be a good night. Throw in an extra handful of the uber cool in London socialites and celebs, and you have a cocktail for success. Mayfair lit up with the strobe of paparazzi flash as the two arrived at the Barrus X Rolls Royce London Fashion Week afterparty on Saturday night. True to the week, they took the opportunity to have a bit of fun with their bodily decor, Kimberly opted for an aysmetrical leg-baring little black dress as she arrived with her well-groomed date. Ashley meanwhile rocked a severely stunning updo to set off her cheek bones, and a blood red lippy that framed her fresh gothic emsemble. Tallia Storm also notably went for the leather jacket and lace goth look.

Newton Faulkner and his brother Toby were loads of fun!

They were joined on the red carpet by a bill of socialites, celebs, nobility, and even beauty paegent queen, Zara Holland. Kimberly happily posed for pics next to another ex-realtiy tv starlet, TOWIE girl Lauren Pope. We also had the pleasure of hanging out with the likes of Newton Faulkner, rocking the ginger dreaded top knot and soon to be working with Green Day’s American Idiot. Oh and lest we forget that R&B girl Hatty Keane killed the room with her full length, drop neck electric orange dress and draping hood. Prince Cassius, blogger and tv presenter was present with his trademark unimaginably styled afro, and I should mentioned that we’d have happily died for the blazer, belts and glittering shoulder skulls look that celeb make up artist Evan Huang rocked!


Evan Huang was makeup artist to the Barrus models, but still looking gorgeous and unique!
The Barrus models graced the party with demure elegance as we oggled at the full length, sweeping folds of their AW16 fashion week gowns, topped with intricate patterns and delicate feathers – we can only dream! And we may not have had the opportunity to ride in the Rolls, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy watching the Barrus girls pose in them for the cameras. Lilah Parsons of Captial London also turned up for a guest DJ spot. But it was Zara Martin with her enviable crystal encrusted headphones who owned the airwaves as house DJ, while we danced and sipped the night away on plenty a glass of Moët. Cheers to Barrus Nişantaşı, Rolls Royce, Moët & Chandon, and everyone involved for putting on a good one!

Small world! I ran into my favourite stylist Nathan Klein!


A nice photo to make up for my terrible red carpet shot at the top 😂
Because my hot pink winged Melissa heels were so badass.

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