Seven days already?

That new job I started? Well, it’s going great! But my God I had no idea until this morning that it has been well and truly more than seven days since I promised a return to our latest story! My sincerest apologies for that….

It will be here shortly, perhaps give me the weekend? In the meantime I’ve also been diligently working on other content too, sometimes you cannot help where your heart lies when it comes to storytelling! #itsaboutthebiggerpicture

So it’s Friday, one more full day of work ahead before the weekend, I’ve been writing in the small hours, and my coffee is empty…..

So sad!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend ahead planned? I most certainly do! #storiesarecoming and in the meantime, you can always catch up with me on Instagram (@jrmanawa) or that Twitter thing (also @jrmanawa) which I really should do better, considering my passion is for the written word!

With love and darkness, JRManawa.

Okay, so maybe the light isn’t quite sparkling at my desk like this. But anyway. Mourning my empty coffee…

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