An exposition…the zombie review

Because Zombie review sounds so much cooler than “Theatre review.” But this is it, my theatre review debut, and I have to apologise that it had been so late in arriving here. I could make a valid excuse but likely as not it was pure tardiness ^_~

The Generation of Z : Apocalypse. West end Review. JR Manawa.

There were screams. Something had gone wrong, and we knew it. In the panic we were all separated. Those of us who followed the Captain thought for sure we would be safe, but we were wrong.

I stick close by my friend in the darkness, and we are led into a room that must have been the facility canteen, but it’s dark and all I can see are tables and chairs and trays of uneaten food strewn about. Lights flicker on, and I realise now that everything is smeared in blood. There is a barricade against the door that could have led us to safety, and above that door ominous words of warning have been scrawled in blood…

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With love and darkness, JR Manawa.

It’s a wild ride of blood-gushing, chainsaw-slinging, gun-toting madness. You won’t be ordering your Haagen-Dazs at half time here!

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  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    *enjoyed reading but no idea on what to comment* ❤

    1. jrmanawa says:

      Thanks gorgeous ^_^ sometimes to enjoy reading is the only point!

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