entry twenty-five. in dreams.


May the seventh was my last post here. To break the silence almost seems unholy, waking a beast that has dared to fall asleep and begin dreaming. But while we need the dreamer in all of us, we also desperately need the warrior who will stand up, take charge, and run headlong into the battle, striving for what he believes in. So has my warrior been reborn? Is my dreamer waking from the nasty slumber of reality? We have yet to know, for now we can only watch and see what happens…

In dreams. J R Manawa.

As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…

In my dream I was sitting by a pond. I don’t know if I had run far to get to this pond, but I was frightened and exhausted on arriving there. Across the pond by a little bridge there was a beautiful web, shining in the sunlight, cleverly strung between the bridge and a little wooden raft on the water.
Throughout the idyllic garden, there were no signs of life save for one lonely butterfly, flitting here and ducking there, the golden sunlight echoed in its molten gold wings. The butterfly went straight for the glittering surface of the water and the web. Caught in the web I knew it would only be a moment of struggle against the spider’s thread before the arachnid would come out and silence the desperately beating wings forever.
The spider was late. A bird suddenly landed on the raft and the bird pecked at the butterfly. There was no struggle. It was easy to see who had won this survival of the fitest, the food chain simply taking place. But before the little scavenger bird could rip the butterfly appart, a large crow landed behind the bird, and taking it by the neck, the crow ripped it to pieces.
Before the crow could enjoy its meal a black swan came and destroyed the crow, drowning it in the pond. It was clear the Swan had no interest in eating the crow, only drowning it.
The swan sat victorious on the raft, but moments later a creature I could not even describe save for its size, which was huge, and its beak which was black and filled with rows of sharp teeth, landed on the swan and fought with it before taking it by the neck and flying away.
I flew with them, and we landed in a dirty back alley full of trash and filth and there the creature ripped into the swan’s chest and pulled out its heart. The dream ended and I remembered it only because it was so vivid.

…..and if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

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