Lipstick stained cigarettes. A vampire drabble.

On that note of breaking the silence, let me get your imagination flowing with an offering, one hundred words of drabble to wake you. For those who love darkness, who romance the night, beware….

lipstick stained cigarettes. JR Manawa.

Lipstick stained cigarettes and a chain of twenty butts, smooshed over the cobble stones with a well-heeled shoe, were all that was left. The vampire could taste her carbon dioxide in the fumes that remained. Weightless, the tiny fragments of ash were still now dancing through the shadows of the alleyway toward the ground. She had been disturbed. Questions rampant – How much had she seen? How far had she run? In the distance, pebbles crunching under footfall so soft and cautious, prompt the vampire. He moves fast, shrouded with the darkness, dancing through shadow. She cannot know what follows.

Written by JR Manawa

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