The nature of the world. A word on dream killing.

Hey, welcome back! Pull up a chair and come sit at this table with me. I have something to share, something personal. It’s been suffocating me for far too many months. But don’t let me stop you from eating, please! Try some of the food, it’s good for your soul.My friend and I, we’ve been practising our cooking for sometime now, so why don’t you take a bite while I talk?

the nature of the world. JR Manawa.

I’ve been silent for far too long, and in the silence I’ve realised that the nature of the world is to have a firm grip on our hearts and souls, so easily crushing our dreams. While imagination, a gentle mother, only holds us tight as children and then happily releases us into the wild to grow. And it seems only when the world destroys us that we run back into her arms where her comfort is temporal, shallow and unreal.

So I invite you, bring your hearts to the scales, allow them to be weighed against the world. Hold your imagination and dreams in one open bowl, and reality and the world in the other; take even portions of each and allow them to hang until they balance. This is how we should move forward – keeping our dreams fuelled by the world, letting the brutal reality of life push us toward our goals

The outcome? Rise to the challenge, cling to your dreams even tighter, and pull them into reality.

Written by JR Manawa

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