Here it is, another year over and another brief moment in time where we consider pain past, trails present, hopes for the future, and all the good things in between. In honour of that, here is a blessing and a toast to you…

Benediction. JR Manawa.

As this year ends,
As the alcohol seeps to the pavement,
And your tears wash away the past.
May you stare the monster down.

As this year ends,
As you down your glass to a toast,
Of things past and things to come,
May you take the bull by the horns.

As this year ends,
Though it may have brought you to your knees,
May you crawl out of the mud and,
May you discover your purpose.

As this year ends,
May your will to fight drive you through the pain.
May you rise from the grave,
May you push forward,
May you raise your voice,
May they stop and listen,
And, may you change the world.

Written by JR Manawa

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