The flames who got burnt

This is one for those with a fire in their hearts. For the creative, the romantic, the outcast, and the passionate. This is for the keys who do not fit. For those who, according to CS Lewis, “find in themselves a desire this world cannot satisfy…”


The flames who got burnt. JR Manawa.

That night we decided to take on the world,
The desolation in our hearts and the fire in mine.
We put on our skin and let the rhythm burn through.
We opened our hearts and the world bled us dry.
The monitor flat lined and our lips went blue.
But we gave it our all, our very best try.
From the ashes we raised, an army unnumbered.
The forsaken, cast-aside and disused; resurrected.
Our war-paint the blood so innocent-bled,
Our armour the scars. This army cannot be led.
This army unique, divided and one.
This battlefield our choice, imagination our gun.
We are the forgotten you cannot see, the gaps that remain.
We cannot be shaken. From this you won’t gain.
This cause will not stray. We are the keys who do not fit,
The salt in your sweet, the match that cannot be lit.
This army is moving, a world set to change.
And through all this, there is one thing we learned.

You can’t make a darkness, But you can make a light.
Why then does the world watch us and only see night?


Written by JR Manawa

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